Are Twin Homes Single-Family or Multi-Family Residences?

Babak Bobby Bagheri, the owner of North Development, is a real estate developer with many years of experience. As a developer, Babak Bagheri specializes in the acquisition, construction, and re-development of single-family and multi-family properties.

A single-family residence is a standalone property on its lot. Single-family residences are identified as detached houses with a yard. In contrast, multi-family residences are buildings with at least two housing units without a ground to roof wall. They also share a heating system and other essential facilities and services. Prime examples of multi-family properties include apartments, condominiums, and townhouses.

However, some confusion may occur when trying to classify twin homes. Each unit in a twin home is its distinct property, even though they share a wall with the next unit. If the units are not stacked vertically, such as apartments, and do not share utility meters, they receive a single-family home classification.

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